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This is a new series of courses for teachers on the practice of Mindfulness. Please contact us if you wish to discuss your training needs on Mindfulness.

An introduction to Mindfulness in Teaching (3 hours)

An increasing number of research studies have shown the potential benefits of mindfulness practices for students’ physical health, psychological well-being, social skills, academic performance, and more. Other studies have indicated that mindfulness may be effective for reducing stress and burnout in teachers and administrators as well.

This course is an introduction to the role of mindfulness in teaching. Mindful teachers are not only more centred but they bring a sense of calm and purpose to their classroom.
The session will begin with an exploration what mindfulness is all about. There will also be discussion about the history of mindfulness and the neuroscience research behind mindfulness. However, the main focus of the course is self-care.

Participants will then be led to reflect on the stressful situations that they face in their everyday lives leading to a discussion on the physical and emotional effects of stress. The mind-body connection will be examined and participants will learn how to bring a mindful awareness to their interactions with themselves and with others. Simple mindful exercises will be practised in between the discussion sessions. These exercises will help participants develop self-care practices i.e. exercises that will help them to deal with stress and to nurture a sense of well-being.
There is an option for a further in-depth course after this introductory session.

 Mindfulness practice is a secular practice and is not related to any religion.

MIndfulness for Teachers: Cultivating Well Being in Teachers

4 sessions of 2 hours each plus a half-day retreat (4 hours)
Total: 12 hours

Course Outline

The textbook for this course is Daniel Rechtschaffen’s The Way of Mindful Education and this will be included in the course materials.

This course follows from the Introduction to Mindfulness in Teaching course. Participants, however, need not take the Introduction course to do this course. 

The topics for the course include:
1. Introduction to mindfulness
2. Mindfulness practice and Neuroscience
3. Practising Mindfulness
4. Half day retreat
5. Mindful teaching and the mindful classroom.