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Oxford Primary Essentials, English

This series of books, first published by Oxford Australia, is now published by Marshall Cavendish. Jointly written with authors Tan See Keen, Maeli Wong, Gloria Poedjoedosarmao, Maree Sandeford and Shamini Dias, they cover all your needs from kindergarten to Primary 6. Titles available now include:





K1 & K2 -  English Grammar, Phonics & Penmanship


Primary School


P6 & P5 - Writing, Comprehension and Cloze, Grammar & Vocabulary, Oral and Listening, English Revision, Test Papers & PSLE Preparation.


 A comprehensive text to help you with all your writing requirements for PSLE. This is not an assessment book although exercises are provided. It gives comprehensive instruction and ideas to pupils who want to write better essays. The book covers both continuous and situational writing and takes pupils from writing at the word, sentence, and paragraph level to planning at the text level. Rubrics for self-evaluation are given and a section on text types can also be found in the situational writing section.


  Doing some last minute revision? This PSLE Preparation book gives students concise and effective tips to help them through the final revision period. Topics in the book cover comprehension, writing,oral communication, listening and a section on exercising your mind. Trial examination papers are included. Here are some sample headings:

  •  8 tips to read better
  • 6 ways to monitor your comprehension
  • 7 types of inferences
  • 5 tips for comprehension cloze
  • 3 ways to a better paragraph
  • 5 steps to more vivid vocabulary 4 tips to better spelling
  • 20 commonly mispronounced words
  • 5 super ideas for picture discussion
  • 10 good tips for handling the conversation task.
  • 5 things to do before the listening task
  • 10 ways to answer listening questions
  • 4 tips for preparing an exam ahead of time
  • 5 tips for eating right.... and lots more!


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My Collection of Words and Phrases


These resource books, written for P3-P6 pupils, are aimed at helping writers develop a strong writing vocabulary. The topics are arranged thematically so that pupils can store and retrive words learnt efficiently. Further, the themes chosen are popular themes for writing in Singapore schools. Each theme includes words which are arranged according to the five senses, and model introductions and conclusions are included. In some books, lists of overused words and their alternatives are also provided.